Friday, February 10, 2012

Beware my RAYGUN!

I didn't get too much done last night. I had family stuff, shopping and then Big Bang Theory and Person of Interest to watch!. But here is what I did the other night on the second Razorback. It has the Forgeworld Front and Side doors on it. I had to Liquid GS the front as it was a little off, one more coat and after a quick sanding you'll never know! While building it I was digging around in my bit box and came across the Melta Biker guy. I didn't use him on the bike but figured hey, he'd look cool popping out of the hatch to melta fools down. Most of the squads run one now anyway haha.. I'm also going to glue the top of an auspex on his free hand .. right now it looks like he's .. well.. tickling his own fancies. 8)
While watching TV I also ran through what I'm going to need to build for the list .. dudes at least..  It appears I need to get busy building haha A lot of the LFs are built and some Termies ..

Grey Hunter ( Counts as at least )
2x w/ Flamer
3x w/ Marks of the Wolfen
3x w/ Melta
2x w/ Banner
25x standard GHs

Wolf Guard
2x w/ Combi Melta and Power Fist
1x w/ Power Fist
1x w/ Termie and Chain Fist
1x w/ Termie, Cyclone, and Power Fist
1x w/ Termie, Cyclone, and Power Weapon

Long Fangs
8x w/ ML
2x w/ LAS
2x Squad Leaders

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