Friday, February 24, 2012

Zaat Zaat BOOM

Last night I worked on getting the rest of the Devastators I needed built up. It's pretty surprising how long it can take picking each part and trying to come up with some cool poses. I'm pretty happy with them and they will finish off the two squads I plan to run. I need to clean them up a little and a few need some GS on their hosing and on some of the parts I cut and modded.

The First LAS guy I went with the kneeling legs and wanted to make him have a little something extra. I took an arm and sword from one of the old SW kits and chopped it so it looks like he's resting his hand on it while waiting for a tank to get into range. Normally the left hand is attached to the LAS so I chopped that off and used the brace I had cut from the RZB, I need to GS it and straighten the back of the brace.

The next guy I put together was their squad leader.
He has Bezerker legs that I filed down and a Grey Hunter chest and pistol. He's rocking the Auspex and Range Finder BP. I'm going to put a seal on the pistol and give him a CC weapon. Last night I was trying to work a chain sword on him but everywhere I hung it looked out of place.

Sniper LAS dude..
I realized I didn't have any of them with the scope attached to the LAS so this guy got one. He has Grey Hunter Legs and Shoulder but otherwise he's mostly Devastator. He also needs a dagger, I forgot to glue it on last night haha..

I'm a Rocket Man..
He's rocking the Grey Hunter Back and Dagger. I chopped the claws off it and want it to look more worn out. Like it's been dragging for quite some time. He has the range finder helm and vox antenna.

I'd have to say I'm pretty happy with the diversity of the guys in the squads. I really wanted them to look like they had their own personality. Since the Devs will be from the EC I wanted them to have the wings on their chest as much as possible. I'm going to start on the Grey Hunters next, the LR is almost complete as well.

Have a Great Weekend All,..

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