Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rev it up..

I got more work done to the Deimos, mostly the metallics. I added some rust to the exhaust pipes, prow, and accessories bits. It's getting close to being finished. I need to finish out the lighting details and the icons. Once I weather it with powders it should be very close to complete. I'm going to make a stencil for the top hatch doors, it will be more detailed so I'll probably have to free hand it a bit. Pretty happy with it so far ,..


  1. this kit is super delicious.
    love the weathering on it.
    how did you do the rear ramp aquilla?
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  2. Thanks .. it's the Aquilla rear door from Forge World. I wanted it loaded out with signs of the Emperor staying with the background of the army I'm building.

  3. WOW! the weathering on this thing is just fantastic. Love the rust and chipped metal along with the discoloration of the white.

  4. Thanks ! .. I added the powders to it now so it's almost finished up. 8)