Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mech pain..

I was spraying some reds last night so I picked up the Blood Angel Razorback I was working on. I sprayed some more highlights and it's ready for the battle damage and weathering. I used the Xarmour kit from the Vindi on it and made an Assault Cannon turret. Looking at it now I need to do the gold trim as well before the weather. but it shouldn't take much longer to finish up. I also sprayed a bit on the Storm Raven but nothing worth looking at. There is so much I need to get done haha.. but I'm going to try and make up a schedule of things I need to get done.

Before the fade ,,. I have to finish up the Dozer Magnets,..


  1. Mate this is super sweet,
    Love to know your methos to get this result??
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  2. Thanks!.. It's pretty easy really. I plan on making a how to soon but most of my BA tanks are already in a blended state. I'll check the site out 8)