Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Epi Deimos

Yesterday I got the Deimos built and the beginning of it being sprayed. Building this wasn’t too bad but make it easy on yourself and glue the top on before you put on the Forgeworld side panels. I had to fit the top on which did work but was very tough after the sides are joined. I added badges and banners plus a healthy number imperial eagles.. I also used the FW Imp Rear door. I did'nt get to finish the black so mostly only white and umber.

The older I get the more glue appears to affect me. Back in the day I could glue for hours without issue but now I have to get up after a few mins and get out of the area. And even with that my nose is running and I’m all stopped up, it really jacks me up. I don’t know how people get their kicks off of sniffing glue, I’m just in the area of the fumes and it jacks me up! Crazy glue sniffers but just like to feel like they have a severe cold.


  1. When will Big Frankie get painted?

  2. I actually just puttied all the edges for the second coat. After I sand him down i can start to spray him.