Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I bring pain..

Last night I worked on getting so of the guys I pulled parts for together. Well at least mostly together, some of the parts are only blu tacked on so I can paint them before attaching them. I’m still undecided about the shield, I might bit order the larger one but I do like the one he is holding. The other Termie is a mix of SW Termie, normal Termie and Chaos Lord Termie. I think he came out looking good.

The box of Bezerkers came in so I de sprued them and picked out some parts. I think they look pretty good but the funny part is how much of a size difference there is from the FW Arms. I think I may use some green stuff to buff up the armor. I was hoping to get a little more done but I was way too tired and had to clean up the kitchen. Haha

The Daemon Battrep is almost done, just trying to finish out the story a bit.

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