Friday, January 6, 2012

It's like floating on air ..

I got a little more done on the Dusk Wolves Speeder. I built it quick to get it ready to play but wow I really wish I would have painted the cockpit and dudes before I built it haha.. they are a pain after the fact. I started on some of the details and other blending.. I still have to figure out how I'm going to classify the different legions that are part of the group. But they will all have the red right arm.. I also need to make the decals, I bought the paper and spray a while back and now I'm going to try using it.

I also sprayed and lined the Vyper.. I need to get this done as I keep having to Count as a Jetbike and that's annoying me.


  1. Speeder looks great! I had the same problem with the cock-pit since I got mine used. Would have loved to painted the cock-pit details better but it's hard to get a brush in there. You did an awesome job as always. I particularly like the grunge and battle damage on the speeder itself.

  2. Thanks man .. I'm liking the way it's turning out and thankful it really hasen't taken much time. If I can get some tabletime in this weekend I want to knock it out, I guess that is the one thing good about it already being built. Saves me some detail time haha ..

  3. Hopefully the lack of detail doesn't drive you nuts! Nobody else will notice or care but I have the feeling the little voice in your head will be whispering "Fix me... you know you want to. Come can get a microscopic brush in there." Then the madness of trying to fix it begins! LOL

  4. WOW !!! amazing vehicles !

    Great blog !

    Im following you, You can follow me too

  5. @ Matt- haha yeah I know what you mean but it's not really bothering me at the moment. I have so much stuff I want to be working on that it's beating down my OCD haha

    @ Duende- Thanks for the comment.. I'll check your site out.