Thursday, January 12, 2012

Death from a far ..

I've been backed up lately, too much going on. Last night I got some Devastators built and sprayed. Along with the other guys I put together yesterday. I still have more Missile Launchers to build, as this is going to be a counts as Space Wolves army I need to make up some Long Fangs which are going to be considered Emperor's Children. Precision long range death,.  I ended up pulling the left arm off the Hammer Termie, I wasn't really liking how it was looked. I need to pick up another large Storm Shield, was looking at the bit sites but they want way too much for a combined deal with a large shield. Might as well just buy the whole box ..  boo..

I also started getting ready for the Daemon Prince and Blood Angel Biker Diorama. I now have all the pieces so I'm getting them ready. I also decided to go with a Banshee main body for the Jain Zar conversion so I cleaned them and they are now ready as well. SO much stuff to do, so little time to do it in.

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