Monday, January 30, 2012

Take to the skies..

A blast from the past. I was looking through some of my old images and I came around this guy.
This is one of the first conversions I ever made. This guys is from 1994 or so. I took two sets of wings and chopped them to make them look spread out wide. I also took the barrel from Baharroth to make it a bit more imposing. Not much with today's standards but for back in the day and with metal I'm still pretty happy with him. I still have enough bits to make a 10 man squad like this. I just have to do it haha ..he could use a bit of a paint update though. he's a little short on blending.
At the time I was pretty happy though. Blending his wings, sash, mouth guard and gun. I painted a hawk silhouette on his helm and added some designs to his knee and feet.

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