Monday, February 23, 2015

So many lines..

 It's been hectic for me lately and the things I have to do on the tanks take a bit of time. So I've been a little more reluctant to start on them. This weekend I had a couple of hours to sit down and start working more on the lining of the Wave Serpent. It's a ton and takes awhile to make sure there isn't a ton of overbleed. I added some to the engine stacks and front vents, I'll add a little purple to the lines on the engine but wanted a reflection look on the vent. I've been playing around with this tank to add some other little bits here and there. I figured what the heck, if it doesn't work I'll just redo it. I think so far they are coming out and it's adding cool little bits to the tank.
I'm hoping to get the lines done this week so I can move into the cockpits and gems. I really want to get this done as well as the Venoms. I'm looking at the Harlequins and so far I'm really loving the look of the new jetbikes! They look awesome! The top down shot in the White Dwarf looks great and whether I use them as Hali's or just jetbikes it doesn't matter. I'm not as thrilled about the Venom copies.. I actually think the Venoms look better in most ways, I don't like the part that is joined over the engine vent and I think the piece that goes over the back should be facing the other way. I don't think they look terrible I just would like to see them be more of a mash up of the Venom if that's what they are going to copy. Can't wait to see the Codex to see how they are going to be and whether they may be going to NOVA with me.

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