Friday, February 13, 2015

Bones Brigade

 Worked on the bone colored bits for the Scorpion, the Wave Serpent and the bone bases. I worked on the blends and added in some of the veins in the Wraithbone. I'll be adding some designs on the Pulsars once they are fully blended. I was going to work more on the lines but needed a break 8)
 I had to clean up the bone vanes for the Wave Serpents since there was a little bleed. The underslung gun/vane/controls also got a little bone blend areas.
 I'll probably add them to the tank to see how it looks and determine if it needs something something added like a symbol and what not. All the stones will need to be done too. So I keep feeling like I'm getting close but the final things will take a good bit of time.
I also started working on some of the Ancient Temple bases I'll be using for the Wave Serpent and the Wraithblades. It will need some masking for these to get the raised area lightened.

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