Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Powering Up

 I've been working on lining the tanks. This part will take a bit and I'm adding more detail with these so it will add even more to it. When I'm just going normal I line with white only. But for these I'm going in with white then a darker teal and then wet blending a lighter aqua and then after it dries back with the white.
 As I've mentioned before when I line I'll spray the model with at least two coats of clear so I can wipe away any over ... well brush I guess since it's by hand haha.. As it's tough to get into the lings of these it really helps. So far I've gotten about 1 to 2 hours just messing with that haha..  so when it comes to the main bodies of the tank it's going to take a LONG time.
I did the base white layer on the fins but that's about it ..  so much more to go.

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