Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I can't see the light..

Lights, always a major requirement but hardly ever a conscious concern. I have been trying to find a lighting system for my spray booth but so far have not come up with anything that solves all of my issues. I never seem to have enough light when spraying and it's getting on my nerves haha. I also want to keep the heat down so I'm not burning my hands off as I spray in there. If you use an Airbrush a lot you know you can be going at it for awhile.

I've tried numerous under the counter lights with varying degrees of success. Some are too dim or too hot, or it will take too many to even be useful. I've stuck with the plug in style so far but I think I'm going to have to up the ante. I think I'm just going to hard wire wall/recess lights in to the booth. I know these will be plenty bright enough but the heat could be an issue for sure. I would just wire them up to a switch and a plug, it's not attached to the wall so I'm not going to run Romex along the cabinet. It would be dangerous and look crazy haha...

To fix the heat issue I think I'm going to look at:

They have them in 4" and 6" .. I'm going to measure up the booth tonight and see if 1x 6" or 2x 4" will work better. I'm thinking the 4" with two would be a better option to battle shadows. That's another thing to think about. You need multiple sources of light or your are going to throw shadows over your work and that will also suck.

Any one else have a good option they use?

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