Friday, November 15, 2013

By my hand....

Before I other obligations had popped up I was planning on playing a Tourney in a couple of weeks and the list I was going to take had two Seers on bikes. That meant I'd have to make another one so I started playing around with some designs on a bike. I think this is coming along pretty nicely. I basically just started drawing lines on the bike. I like the black look but debating on adding some more colors to it, maybe at the tips. I'll probably test it before applying it but either way something else I'm messing with.
Sadly a lot is going on and with the Holidays getting closer quicker then I expected I think I'm going to have to skip the Tourney. It's all good I still need to build another Seer on bike anyway 8)
That's the current look of my table right now, a bunch of marines from all the chapters I use, the Revenant and a couple of Eldar bits here and there. I really need to learn to focus haha... The one thing that is cool is when stuff gets done it's usually a lot done at one time. But from all different armies haha.. oh well.

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