Thursday, November 14, 2013

I judo chop chop chop

 Last night I finished up the Vet, he's all cleared up and in the case with the rest of his homies. If the rumors of everything switching over to plastic that will be awesome. Having some poses like this will be awesome for conversion purposes. The pics have been darker lately for some reason so it's hard to see his lens but they are also done. Finished the blending..
 Finished up all the seals and gold details adding a bit of bright gold to certain areas to bring the highlights out. Also cleaned up the sword a little.
 Did the Thrusters on the pack so he's ready to drop down and punch some faces, well more like cut people in half but you know what I mean.
Felt good painting up a BA, had been awhile and I think he looks pretty good. I really do need to get the rest of the BA I have built painted up but right now I'm all over the place again. I might be playing a small Tounry right after Thanksgiving and if so I'll be back onto the Dar 100%. I'm going to play a fun list something like the one I used against Sean but will probably run two Seers on bikes. But that also means I'll have to make another one up before then haha..

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