Friday, November 22, 2013

Pull yourself together man

So, last night I got my Infinity guys together, I wasn't as tired so it went much much better haha. Still annoying but was manageable, I didn't have the feeling that a hammer was a better tool to use on them instead of the glue last night so that's cool...  I originally was going to finish off the Dusk Wolves but these guys were all scattered over my table and just looking at them was ticking me off. So I started to glue them together, I used tweezers to hold one arm while holding the other with my fingers. Worked and they started to come together. Since they were now drying I didn't want to work on the table until they were all cured up.
So that led me to working on some of the new Wraithknight's bits. I sanded and scraped some and basically just got them cleaned and ready to go.
I want to go farther with the Airbrush on this guy and have some cool (to me at least haha) ideas. He will have Magnets for sure but either way he was going to being rocking a sword for pure coolness alone. In game it's pretty weak but it looks awesome. I'll be painting him roughly the same Black and Purple but for the Sword and Shield I want them to have a strong red glow. I also want to use some of the ghosting I did on the first WK's head and make it stand out a little more. I'm want to put in some rune type symbols, we'll see how it looks. It looks like crap and it's gone.
Had a little primer left in the brush so started on the Infinity guys haha.. sadly it wasn't even enough to finish one guy. One a sad and funny note while reaching over to get them I knocked over the Chandra model I had put together. It fell and blasted apart.. not going to lie..  I threw a temper tantrum. Realizing what I was doing informed me that it was now bed time haha.. Looking to squeeze in a game of some sort this weekend ..  hopefully that happens 8)

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