Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Numbness Comes

The Vanguard Vet is a little closer to completion. I have to start the final detailing and smoothing out some of the blends. I'd like to finish him up real quick so I can get to some of my other projects.

I hope everyone had a good Veterans Day! I was a rough rough weekend in my house, my daughter was terribly sick and had to take her to the ER to have her checked out. She was running a 104 temp and that was even after taking meds, she couldn't sleep or swallow anything. The doctor said she had 2 ear infections and I'm guessing Flu like symptoms. She gave her Antibiotics and yesterday finally started looking better. I mainly just took care of her this weekend and though it was mostly sitting I'm exhausted. My Son is also not feeling well but no where near how bad she was.

So with the long weekend completely wiped away I didn't get to finish up my How To. I have almost all of the pictures for it I just have to take the time to write it all up. I'm probably going to break it into two different ones now, well at least I think so. It seems like I have a ton of pics haha.. but I also want a separate one for just how to paint with oils and one for the Dusk Wolves if it doesn't seem to redundant. I guess as I write it out I'll figure it out..

I was kind of mindlessly just blending this guy last night, so tired that I didn't want to do too much detail work and mess it up. I need to do the thrusters and some of the fine detail work. He's about there. One more BA that will sadly probably just sit around for awhile,..

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