Thursday, November 21, 2013

SO so small..

Last night was full of annoyance. A lot of it could be that I was very tired and probably should have just went to bed but figured I'd just get the Infinity guys together. But that was not the case, I felt like I was building guardians again. The Infinity models are much smaller then GW, they are what I would think a normal human would look like standing next to a Space Marine. I typically like metal minis better but these dudes won't go together, I'd hold the model for a minute but as soon as I let go it would just fall off. That and they require you to do the glue both arms on and one to the gun just like guardians. But these are much tougher due to the non stickiness of the metal they use. Getting fed up with them I just glue on some of their heads and their feet to bases and picked up the Wraithknight. Started to clean and assemble the chest, arms and head,

Tonight if I have the time and energy I'm going to try to finish up the Dusk Wolf guy I've been working on. I really want to have them all knocked out, they are fun to paint and still have a few trial things I want to try on them.

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