Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Redemption is just a flamer away..

Last night I finished up the Dusk Wolf flamer guy. Well all but two small things I didn't even notice until I looked at the pics haha.. forgot the two stones on him.. that's no biggy though.
He came out all mucky and busted up like I wanted, after I distressed the flamer I added some weathering powder to the burner section of the flamer as I figured their would be some soot involved with burning suckers down. Also added in his snowy ground.

I added the chapter symbol on his shoulder and then really busted it up. These guys have gone through hell and back, whats a little chipped paint and mud. I think I'm going to flesh out their story a bit more. I have been meaning to but never think about it when I time, I also really have no idea of what I want to do with them at the moment. I've been having a good time playing my Dar and still have some ideas I want to try out. But I really enjoy the idea of these guys so it's fun to just paint some more up.

I'm working on a how to paint them up, it will be a little more advanced with the how to as I have been using oils to muck them up. I know a lot of people are using oil paint washes now but I use them sparingly. I first saw the idea in the Forgeworld Painting book and thought it was a cool idea. I have oils already so it wasn't like I had to even go get anything. I mainly use them when working with white, if you've painted a lot of white you know the pain it can be. Very Watered (thinned) down oils will almost auto shade for you but when you go very heavy it makes a very believable muddy look. I'll go over that more in the upcoming how to. I'm working on some other guys trying to take pics of all the stages at them moment.

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