Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To Infinity and Beyond..

I kept seeing these models and I'd have to say they look pretty cool, I liked the chick on the bike and thought hey I'll just pick her up to paint. But in talking with some of my friends, Sean( and some guys at the local gaming store they are also picking some up but to play. SO, I was easily wrangled into playing haha. I haven't even looked at the rules yet! but they have been giving me the gist of it. I went though their minis and since I like the girl on the bike I decided to go with the Aleph faction/people/army.. don't really know what they do or what not but I like the look of them, though I did also pick up some Mercs which I'm told can be in anyones army.
I'm not expecting much and I haven't bought them with a army build in mind, I bought them because I thought they looked cool. So now I've added some more crap I need to paint haha.. Sadly the main model I liked and wanted was out of stock so I'll have to wait on the biker. One thing I have noticed just looking at the models, they are SMALL! Well they are compared to 40K minis.. they make Dar look thick haha.. the detail is very nice though and I'm hoping to have them put together soon .. so many projects so little time..

Last night I was just too tired to do anything so just glued on his Jetpack. I was going to go with Magnets on his BP combos but with being metal the JP is quite heavy. I'm not worried so much about the magnet not holding but the glue. Some times the Magnets will even pull away on plastic and with the added weight of metal I figured they will just stay standard JP'd up.. Added some grass to the base, just need to finish him off.. shouldn't take me too long.

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