Monday, November 18, 2013

Rotating Neutron Star

The Revenant is almost done! Almost, I just need to finish up a few more of the gems on the head and feet (sadly I forgot about them as I did all the ones on the pulsars and main body).
I still need to figure out what how I'm going to handle the hip guards but that can be down the road. I want to get this big hombre in the case for now. I think he is looking pretty cool, the glue is still drying on him in these pics so I didn't want to move him around too much. I'll finish up the gems and then clear him completely. I also worked on his base a bit and it done other then some grass I'll put here and there. I sprayed the ground with Dark Cam Brown and then a Mid brown for highlights. Sprayed the highlights on the rocks and then cut in with black for shadows on the rocks and ground.
I'm going to the hardware store sometime this weekend to see if I can get some glass shelves cut for my display case, while there I'm going to look for something heavy to glue to the bottom of the base. He's pretty heavy and also pretty spindly, a bad combo for staying together..  Hopefully the weight on the bottom will keep him upright. Now I need to get a Apoc game in haha...
I also got my second Wraithknight in and have a pretty wild pose on mind. I was messing with it a little and hope I can get him into that pose.. The proportions of the model aren't the same as a human haha.. The legs are pretty long compared to the arms. I'm going to try to mock it up with Blu Tack and see what it's going to look like. I don't want to start gluing and then realize wow, this looks terrible haha

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