Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm fine, it's not my Blood...

Last night I work on a bunch of scattered things but go the most work done on the Dusk Wolves. I was hoping to have the completely done but still not there. I noticed some small areas that could use a little more work like some of the leather areas need a little more highlight and the stones.
I did add in the Blood spatter and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I think it looks realistic and not too overdone which I was worried about. When I add in some of the snow on their bases I'll probably add in some drop drops as well.

I aged the metals on all of them as well.
I didn't want to go overboard on them, just age them some. Their armor would get dirty but they always take pretty good care of their weapons. Don't want the Machine Spirit getting all mad at you now do you?

I wanted the chainaxe to be a bit more gory so added a bit more to him. I'm sure it would make a huge mess as it cut through some traitors!

The chainsword guy is also a bit gory haha.. I really need to break out his BP ..

I did the script on them as well, I almost finished them up last night but had to hit the hay. One more night and they will be all done up for sure. I'll have to get a game of some sort in with them soon. Let them wreck a little shop.

I'd have to say I'm really liking them. They have the exact look I was looking for, sadly the pics have been a bit dark to me lately. I really need to install that new light in my spray booth as I'll probably be using that as my photo box as well. I worked on a few other things here and there last night like cleaning and the Airbrushes and just overall getting the table a little less cluttered. Not sure if I'll be posting anything the next few days with it being Turkey Day then shopping at the outlets the next day and then moving my parents into their new house. Busy busy..

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