Monday, November 25, 2013

Feels so Odd..

Saturday night I got in my first trial game of Infinity. I had gotten all my peeps together, primed and did a quick grey fade on them. Mainly to get them ready for painting but also so they weren't just a black blob haha... The game was cool though it does feel very strange to play a different mini game. I can't tell you the last time I played a mini game that wasn't GW related and typically 40K. The different system really through me off at first and I did find it fun I still prefer 40K, be it full games or Kill Teams. At first it was hard to pinpoint but I think the main part of it I didn't really get behind is that you can really just pump a ton of your actions into one guy and for  turn he can just go on a solo mission. Like all the other soldiers standing around and watching Rambo go destroy everything. The test game we played was Anni which Sean did say was basic where most have missions that will require you to do a lot. If that's the case cool I'll give it a shot and see how they go. Not saying I didn't enjoy the game just at odds with some of the rules.

One really nice part about the game is it's quick, so you'll be able to get in a bunch of games pretty quickly. The board also looks very cool being so crowded with all the terrain but be aware you'll need a lot of it. The field is supposed to be a dense city scape and that's what you need to make. If you buy all the buildings it will be costly but will look very nice.

Sadly as I was learning the game I didn't think much on taking pictures other then saying this is where my TO Camo guy is hiding haha
 You can see some of the Infinity style buildings in here. They aren't painted at the moment but they do look very cool.

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