Friday, November 1, 2013

Don't get bent..

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I know my kids did haha.. they are so little just the act of walking around in costume is awesome. With all that going on last night not much hobby wise got done. So I figured I'd give an update to the airbrush lists I posted last week.

I ordered a new Needle and Tip for the Talon and replaced them for a test. I'll have to say it does work much better now that it doesn't have that little bend in the needle. So a heads up. If you are using the Paasche Talon and are having troubles make sure your needle is straight. It seems to make a difference! That being said it's still my least Fav of the bunch. Might just be stigma now haha but what can I say, Passsche shouldn't send out brushes with bent needles. So it might not be that cheap since I had to spend an extra $24 for the new set.

I completely broke down the Iwata to do a full cleaning. I'm happy to say that it is also very easy to clean. The tool they supply helps to remove the tip cover and allows you take the whole front assembly apart making it easy peasy (don't think that is a real word haha)  to clean ..

On a gaming note..
Swooping Hawks..
I've always loved this unit.. the look and idea of them at least. Back in 2nd they were amazing, in 3rd with Bara they would crush (mainly Bara with his sustained assault, oh I miss that). In 4th and 5th they pretty much were dead but with the new Dex they aren't bad. They could even be awesome. I've been going over units in the book to see if I want to put them on the table.

They have some awesome rules for sure.. don't Scatter when they DS, they drop bombs that ignore cover when they come in, they can leave play and come back next turn and have a ton of shots. Yeah they are only S3 but hey .. If your opponent has a lot of Intercept it could suck but hopefully you can stay out of range or LOS.

Next game I think I'm going to try a squad, my only debate is weather to use Bara.. he's a bit expensive but still.. 2+ / 4++ isn't bad plus has all the juice to help the Hawks do their job. In fun games I see him making it in. Tourney play I doubt it but hey .. could be cool. Too bad he doesn't make them troops as well... 9)
I also have a ton of them in my bit box when I was buying them off Ebay to make a whole squad with these converted wings. It will take me awhile but if they make it in the list they will all have the converted wings haha.. at least I want them to! 8)

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