Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Form Blazing Sword..

Last night I spent about two hours working on the second Wraithknight's sword and shield. I tried about 10 or so different looks trying to make it look like what I had in my mind.

I went with different sections black, some with white.. I painted on some designs I did the edges and tried a ton but I'm still not happy. This morning while riding the train into work I thought of a couple of ideas I want to try. So no it will be another few hours of playing around with them.
I want the edges to really glow and I want to have some ghost shapes/symbols/runes on the blade. Sadly the red was just over powering it. Twice I had something I thought looked decent only to go too far and add way too much red haha..  With this WK I told myself I'm not going to stop playing around in fear of messing it up, If I think it can be better I'm going to push a little bit farther which now appears to mean it will take me a year to finish him haha... hopefully I can cut that down some.. 8)

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