Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'll make you bleed your own blood..

I worked on a few of the Dusk Wolves last night, mainly the guys I was counting as former World Eaters and using the Mark of the Wolfen. While working on the How To for oils I also coated these guys. I'm using it very heavy, making for a very nice and believable looking mucky look. I was going to put a little more detail on them but ended up touching up a few things here and there on other minis.

Added some battle damage via worn edges and some scrapes. I'm going to add a bit more here and there but don't want to go overboard. I also want to add in blood spatter but that will probably be the last thing.

I'm pretty happy with the way things are going on them. I want to clean them up to see how they will look when finished. They have the look I want so that is cool.. I just don't want them to just look too messy, they need to have that natural muddy look.

Did a quick finish on this guys gems and a couple of quick washes. I was going to clear them all with matte but I have Rev bits sitting in the Spray Booth and didn't want them to get any overspray.

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