Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One of THOSE days ..

So far it's not been that great a day.. little sleep last night and then this morning while driving to work I picked up something in my tire. I could hear the air escaping when I got out and once I got the tire off I was surprised at what I found. It looks like a mini wrench, like the ones you find in your IKEA boxes. It punched a huge hole in the tire so I'm replacing them. The tires on the car sucked anyway but I really didn't feel like spending $700 right now .. before xmas and my daughters birthday ..  whoo hoo..

But .. as for mini's it was a grey and brown night. I started working on the Libr and put him together so I could start on the shading. While he was drying I picked up snakebite and then started to paint everything close that needed brown.. I then picked up grey and did the same. I didn't get one thing much farther but I did make each one move a little further ahead. I did go back and put some base colors on the Libr like his gold, red and some blues..

I'll start shading him shortly, it really shouldn't take too much longer for him, I have most of the base work done so it's on to shading and highlights. The blends will take some time but he's at least 50% done.

I did pull down one of the IG Heavy Bolter Crews. They were part of the grey and brown whirlwind.

I also worked on the Vyper's seats as well as Big P Lord Asurmen's belt and bits. Asurmen is the guy that is always standing there asking me to paint him.. unfortunately I never have the urge to actually do it haha. But I at least got some more paint on him. I will start to blend him soon. The Vyper needs to get finished as well.

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