Thursday, November 3, 2011

A touch too much ..

Last night I didn't have very much time and I needed to clean out my airbrush. The last time I had used it the blue I sprayed was clumpy and jammed up the brush (it was a new bottle and guess it really needed some shaking). So I figured I'd just take care of some small stuff I would need to get done and as I was messing with the airbrush mostly everything was airbrush related.

I primed and sprayed the banner that will be going on the Dread. So far just white and umber sprayed.

I got the Librarian primed and ready for some paint.
Then I taped off the sword to start getting it ready. It's sprayed with maroon, bright red and then white over the black base. So far just one edge per side. I'll clear it and then tape and spray the other edges.

I loaded up too much bright red so I sprayed some highlights on the LRC ..

I also sprayed some on the Revenant fixing his feet. I started to sprays some blue didn't finish off the blends so I didn't take any pics as he looked a bit silly.

When finished I scrubbed and cleaned the brush with spirits and let her sit. While cleaning I think I may have bent the tip of the needle. I have another spare but I think I'm going to have to start buying them in bulk if I don't pay more attention. 8(

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