Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's Cursed!

A little late on the posting today, I stayed home so the power company could upgrade my service. While waiting I figured I'd work on a few things. First was the Librarian's Force Sword. And that thing may also be cursed but it's not what I'm mainly talking about. The DC Dread's Torso is a cursed piece o plastic for me. First the black paint shake up issue and then today I go out to clear it and the top of the torso crazes. Nothing else does, arms, Libr's sword or even the rest of the torso. So why does that? I can't figure it out. Needless to say I was quite despondent at first. But as the great Chris Knight said "sometimes these small setbacks are jsut what we need to take a giant leap forward". Well I didn't leap too far forward but I did wipe it down with thinner and then sand it back down. Then went though the process of making it look the exact same way it did before, the fun of doing something over for the third time! The Libr's sword was also causing me issues with it's mask. I've used the 3M blue mask for awhile and never had an issue. Today it pulls off half my fade, which is the third I've applied to the blade. It wouldn't be that big a deal but color swapping 4 colors in my airbrush over and over just isn't fun so I just went blend style. It's not done just on the way. I also blended a little more on some standard homies. Every things still pretty rough... just going through the steps. "Right Kent?"

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