Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Saw um in half wit a hail o lead!

The XArmour Baal is almost finshed up.. I worked on the details a little more and added some ink here and there. I'll be adding some soot to the stacks and vents, I'm thinking about putting some mud on the bottom and tracks as well. Still just haven't deceided if I want to go through all that. Working with the powders just takes so long and is so messy. I may just put a few layers on but nothing to crazy, just give it a little more ...... something. I'm happy with the way the lens and wings came out but I have to finish up some metal areas and the light area mostly. I'm also still deceiding on what I want to do with the rear hatch. It appears four of the tanks I bought around this time have odd shapes in the rear hatch, somehow it got deformed in the creation process. Thanks GW for your quality assuarance. I might try to GS an eagle and see if that looks decent. Like the powders I'm still undecided.

I didn't work on anything last night as I got lucky and made the Beta for Star Wars The Old Repulic and it ended last night. If you like WoW then you'll like this, it's a standard MMO but it was pretty awesome to watch the cut scenes and even the small things like driods moving around doing there own thing was pretty cool. I played for about 5 hours and stayed up way too late haha .. then my daughter made be pay for it by waking up at 4 .. I'm now STUPID TIRED.


  1. Great looking pred you have there. That red has a lot of depth. Are you planning on adding decals? As it stands now, though it's a gret paintjob, it's suffering a bit from a lack of detail, IMO.

  2. Thanks .. I'm going to be adding some weathering to it and have been thinking about how I'd identify them. There will be markings of some sort on the front panel and front side(s) but so far I haven't been able to come up with something that I really like. It's not going to have too much added as I don't want it to look cluttered but it does need some markings. Thanks for the comment, C&C is always welcome.