Friday, November 11, 2011

They'll never notice me holding this giant flag!

Banners do look good but do you ever think "Why would a guy want that kind of attention on the battlefield?" A quick death maybe! But either way.. we don't have to carry them and get our faces shot off so why not!       "you blind man, you cowered.....BACK TO THE FRONT!"

The banner for the Dread is getting there and once it's done the DC Dread will finally be complete. It's been a long time coming and I need to move on to some other mini's. I'm pretty happy with him overall, yeah there are parts that could be touched up but I think he's going to look good chasing after whatever it luring his Raged butt all over the board. The banner needs it's gold added and I have to go back and do all the blending and highlights on the cloth. And about 20 blood gems whoot!

I've also added a ton of links to the link section. I basically put all my favorites online, enjoy my hours over scouring the web! haha

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