Thursday, November 10, 2011

She's Lost Control.....

Image from 2E Eldar Codex..Copyright GW
Last year a group of us were talking about going out to Games Day. It was the first year they had moved it out of Baltimore so it wasn't in our backyard anymore. There was a lot of back and forth about what we should do but it ended up as a no go. This year a friend and I are planning on going and we're just going to make our plans and if anyone else wants to go that's cool.

Since we are going and it's in the books I figured I might enter something in the painting contest. Not that I expect to win, I highly doubt that actually haha..  But I figured if we are going to go and I have the forewarning I can maybe get something together for it. Typically I just concentrate on getting my mini's high table quality. I don't spend days on a part of a mini to get the blend 100% and I figured this will give me the opportunity to really paint something up with detail. I have two ideas that I'm going to try to get done. Hopefully at least one will turn out how I want haha.

1) Jain Zar
I've been wanting to make a decent mini for her since she was released back in the day. She is the product of a bad hair day from the 80s and really needs an update (hell she needed one when the model was brand new). I really enjoy the storyline of the Phoenix Lords and wish they were actually viable on the table but alas that is not to be (hopefully with the new Codex, If they keep in the same direction I'd see them making each PL making their aspect a troop choice. And they better make her pass FC to at least her squad if not all of them on the board). So I've been picking through mini's trying to decide what bits she'll be made of, I'm still not fully done figuring but here's the beginning.
Hesperax's Head and Hair..  I still want her to have a long main.
Succubus's arm and weapon.. It'll make a good executioner I think
Jain Zar's Silent Death .. Only model I know of with a triskele
2nd Gen Banshee Mask and possibly the body but I'm still trying to figure out the stance and body I want to use.
I also ordered x2 High Elf mages from the Island of Blood Box in bits for another conversion. But it's mainly for his base. He looks pretty crazy with no face haha.
2) Blood Angel on Bike against a Deamon Prince.
I'm going to use the Akira style biker (not the same model, going to make another). I'll probably model it to look like a Sang Priest with robes so I'm going to order the DA bike set and a Deamon Prince. I want the plastic prince for the convertibility but I really like the legs and BP of the older metal one. Still trying to decide if I'm going to get both.


  1. My hat's off to you for having the guts to enter. I think you can do it with your attention to detail. You just need to do what you usually do but don't stop until Games Day. Some of those guys take a full year on a piece. I'd have to see the biker in person to make the call but he seems like a good start. I'm guessing that there are some small details that you think need work. I'd focus your attention to those and only add the 2nd guy if you think you have the time to give it the same attention.

  2. Well I don't think it's that big a deal. The year before when Sean and I went there I wasn't impressed with at least half the stuff there. So mine wouldn't be at the very bottom at least. haha But I figure I might as well have the whole experience. The biker came out pose wise exactly how I wanted it. There is still a lot of blending and small things that I could do. 8)

  3. It definitely looks good and I think you have the talent. From what I saw in the one I went to in 2005 though, the winners are crazy good. Didn't know if you were prepared for those guys. I know I wasn't. I considered myself good after winning a local GW competition, then went to Games Day 2005 and was humbled. I think you can do it if you put your mind to it. Your stuff looks good enough from what I can tell in photos.

  4. Thanks man .. I'm not expecting to win haha.. the winners are uber good, I just feel confident that I wouldn't be at the bottom or be laughed at. So I'm not too worried about it. It'll give me a goal!