Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh he's a dead eye isn't he..

This weekend I was trying to get the Ranger/Pathfinder done but I was pretty busy and got a game in so didn't get to get him done. He's mostly done though, working on his BP now, then a few more highlights and do up his base. I'm pretty happy with him, the next Ranger I'm going to try a pretty much all black version and see if it looks decent. My latest list uses two squads of PFs so I still have a bunch more I need to get done. Though I don't want to neglect the other minis, I still need to get the DA's done. They just don't get me excited to paint them though haha.. oh well.

I worked a little on the Libr and playing around with a weathering style. I don't know how it's going to turn out. If it turns out well I'll take some pics and post them up.

Also in reguards to the game I need to get new dice! I don't know if it's my luck or those damn dice but I've been rolling poorly now for the last 5 games I've played. The amount of ones I roll is amazing, I rolled 8 dice and got five 1's a 2 and then a 3 and 4. I would hit vehicles but could never destroy them as I'd roll on the damage chart and then roll a 1 or 2. Was a hurtful game but what can you do. Lady luck.. she is ah fickle..

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