Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Leaders of Eldar and Man..

I've been working on Asurmen while I've been working on the Librarian as they share pretty much every color with one another. I've also been wanting to figure out my color scheme for my Dire Avengers as they still need to be finished up. I just haven't had the energy to paint up some 20 plus avengers. But they need to get done and I figured who better to kick them off then the supreme DA. I won't use his as Asurmen most likely but he's a good looking mini and will be a fine Exarch haha.. I did some more blending and getting everything at least base colored. I still need to do a bunch more on him.. sword, stones, crest, etc.. I've been trying to think of something cool to do with the sword like make it mostly black with white spots like it's containing the entropy of utter destruction but I don't know if that really goes along with the Eldar.. other then the fact that it's pretty much what they are facing as a race.

I also got some more done on the Librarian. I painted up some more of the details and worked on his BP some .. it has very little done to it other then getting it ready. He's almost done thankfully .. I've enjoyed painting him but I'm already getting the itch to start something new. Below I have his BP and then the JP connected. Not much done on the wings yet. While finishing up the Chaplin I figured out how I like to paint them but that doesn't make it go any quicker haha...


  1. I particularly like the shading/highlights on the upper portion of the backpack. Looks like a stainless steel toaster! In a good way. :)

  2. That's what that is.. Even Space Marines enjoy a wonderful breakfest of waffles and pop tarts! Thanks man 8)