Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chug a lug ..

The dread is so close to being done. I just haven't had an extended amount of time to finish him off. The banner is still going to take at least an hour or two to get that finished. But the main portion is complete I'm just in the process of touching up all the small things. I've noticed that when I'm almost down I'm all over the place on a mini. A little black ink here, touch up this color there, ohh that needs some more blending.. And I usually feel like I could go over the mini continually. But it's time to move on and I need to get this guy all finished up. So hopefully by the end of this weekend I want to have him 100% done. I was going to magnetize the banner but now I'm thinking that might not be the best option as I don't want it spinning around and looking how it would mount the banner pole is pretty thin so I think I'm just going to pin it. Not fully decided yet .. but leaning more toward pinning currently.

Once the Dreads done I want to finish up the Librarian and then start on getting the DC squad started but I might start on something else. Trying to stay focused on BA but I'm feeling the pull to paint something Eldar or maybe a Dark Elf.

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