Monday, November 28, 2011

Stabby McStab..

Sword Effect by brush
A friend asked about how I painted my blades. For the power weapons I usually blend them with the airbrush but sometimes I will still mainly use the brush.

I was going to use Asurmen’s sword but his isn’t beveled, I looked and I do have a few pictures of the Librarian’s sword in progess and that should be enough.
What You Need:
Black Primer
Airbrush or White Spray Primer
Black Ink
Red Ink (or whatever color you want the blade to be)
Black paint thinned or Black Wash

1) Prime the blade black. Or white (then you’ll be blending with black spray.
2) Tape off the blade. The areas you don’t want sprayed at all and tape off half the blade so you can flip flop the colors on the beveled edges.
3) Spray one end of the blade with white primer and blend from black to white.

4) Apply the red ink to the white area and work into the black. I use ink because it’s thin and covers any color, it’s also very vibrant. This will take many coats and the more you apply the more vibrant the color will be.
5) Apply black ink to the other end of the blade and blend outward. You don’t have to apply too much of the black ink as you are going to be using the wash next.
6) Using black wash blend the black into the red. Again this will take numerous coats.

7) The final product is a mix of both colors blended each way and I sat there for a while until I got the look I wanted. (but that is normal blend procedure so I’m not telling you anything new there). Remove the tape and then clear coat the blended section. Once dry tape up the side you just finished and flip flop the while and black sides so they oppose each other. Repeat the steps above.

8) Once you are happy with the blend on both sides paint the center line of the bevel with red. Be careful and make a straight line down the center. You’re done.

You can also work some white into the blade if you are going for that look. Sometimes I do like the white but sometimes I want to have just the color, to me both have their own merrit. If you want to add white just blend the red a little farther into the black to give room for the added white.

Not hard really, just takes a good bit of blending but I like the look. Hope this helps!


  1. Thanks man. Between this and think I got it. I don't own inks so I'm curious how the technique will translate. The end result should still look way better than I had been doing.

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  3. @Matt you can get ink from an Art supply store I use Daler Rowney. I'll put a link up in link section. I still have most of my old GW inks but have been replacing the old ones with Daler Rowney and it works great. Otherwise you can just use a wash of the color it will just take more coats to cover.

    @ Stahly I'll check it out. Thanks for stopping by.