Monday, November 28, 2011

That was your whole plan? Get Her!?

I hope everyone had a great turkey day and got some good shopping deals. It was a pretty hectic weekend but I did get some table time in. I worked on various projects and I even got the light box built. I'll be writing up a how to for it shortly. It's not difficult at all but figure it might show people know how easy it really is to make one (for a simple one at least).

The Librarian got some blending and detail work done. I worked on the armor blends and started to get them where I wanted though it will still require some more time. I also started on the metals and getting the gems done. He's well on his way it's mainly just cleaning up and finishing. His BP and JP both need to be done as well. But I'm just happy I stayed mostly focused .. well I at least worked mainly on him though I also worked on Asurmen, the Vyper, the Baal Pred and HB team haha.. so it wasn't too focused but I did get a good bit done. A friend asked how I did the sword so I'll also be making a write for that as well. I need to paint Asurmen's sword so maybe he'll be the demo mini.

Below are some of the pics of his progress.

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