Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not Fully Operational...

Not fully but he's almost there. I figured I'd take the pics of him actually together to make him look more appealing haha ..  Even if he isn't fully done yet. I still have more details and finishing, highlights, wiring, lens, gems and wings touch ups. I'm still not fully decided on weather I'm going to strip the wings on his chest. It's 50 / 50 really, the detail isn't gone but it's muddied a bit. If I can paint it without it annoying me I'll leave it, if not.. I'll just tape him off and scrub them with some thinner. Other then that I'm very happy with the way he is turning out. Once all the small details are done it should make him pop even more.. Either way after he's done he'll be going into the army list .. even though I like the reg Furioso better haha..

I'm also still going to attach magnetize the banner and mount it on top. Going to make a mag Smoke Launcher too, maybe a spotlight just to have the option 8)

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