Monday, November 7, 2011

That's some Blue Stuff man ..

Two weeks ago I purchased some Blu Stuff, I wanted to see how it would work for making small molds and what not. I 'm going to start working on a Jain Zar conversion and was going to cut and Dremel the mask off a 2nd Gen Banshee. When I saw the video on the blue stuff site (and Master of the Forge, who does awesome work btw) it looked pretty easy and wanted to see if that was actually the case. I had mentioned it before that the shipping was uber quick, from England to the states in about a week! Now if Forgeworld was so fast... grumble. But moving on. The Blu Stuff is pretty awesome actually, I popped it open and following the instructions and had a pretty good mold very quickly. I also tried to mold the leg armor of Jain Zar but I wrapped the Blu Stuff too far around her leg and ended up tearing it when removing the mold. Lesson learned. But the banshee mask came out perfectly. Here's what I did.

1) Order Blu Stuff
2) Receive Blu Stuff

3) With my finger I just scooped out an equal amount of part A and part B
4) I then mixed it as quickly as I could, the instructions say about 30 seconds. It becomes a light blue.
5) Roll it into a ball and then apply to what you want a mold of. Here is the Banshees.
6) I then got out some Green Stuff and started to get that ready. The instructions say it will be cure by 3 mins so I left it 5 just to be safe. Like I mentioned above I put too much on her leg and it was curled around. When I pulled it free I torn the inside of the mold a bit so was no good. The mask on the other hand looked pretty good as far as I could tell.

7) I added some Vaseline to my fingers and rolled the Green Stuff into a ball and rolled it into the mold. Then using a firm shaper pressed the GS into the mold firmly and leveled the back off a bit. Then left the GS to cure, I was gone most of the day so don't know how long it's minimum would be but I always find it better to not rush it curing.
8) Using a shaper or Xacto carefully remove the Green Stuff.

9) Trim it of the excess.

I was super impressed with the outcome. First time ever making a mold with Blu Stuff and it came out great. I'm still trimming it and I'm hoping after I clean it up and carve out the back I'll be able to use it for the conversion instead of going all Dremel crazy on a mini. Plus that Banshee mold is my favorite by far (Banshee wise) and would hate to waste it. If I don't have to cut it up I'll be able to replace the last few 1st gen Banshees I have running around.

Over all I'm very pleased. If you are thinking about molding some smaller items I'd recommend the Blue Stuff!!

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