Friday, November 18, 2011

Private Eyes,.. Watching you...

Rangers are some of my favorite models in the 40K line. From the original minis to the current range, they always seem to have a unique style to them. The sculpts themselves really give me the feeling that these guys are rugged and out doing what the other Eldar won't. Being an outcast carries with it a heavy cost, their spirit stones have the greatest chance of being lost or destroyed. One of the greatest fears for an Eldar soul.

Last night I didn't have the energy to paint any wings or power armour so I pulled a Ranger off the "To Be Painted" shelf and went to work. I only had two hours so there isn't any blending other then some of the leather. I like to apply all the base colors first and then start shading and highlighting. I also try to make the colors on all my Rangers different. They may have left the craftworld wearing the same gear but as they scour the stars looking for threats they will have to replace their damaged gear with what they can. So to me it would be odd that a group of rangers would be outfitted the same. They'd all have their Camo Cloaks and rifles but I'd think the rest of their gear would be more of a personal choice.

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