Friday, September 19, 2014

Booth or Table?

 Yesterday Greg posted about lighting and little did I know he had secretly questioned me and then posted my semi rambling words about the subject. He also said he wanted to look into spray booth designs and asked if I had made a post about mine .. well I have in some parts but I've also updated it since then so I figured I'd post up how mine sits right now. I was busy last night so no painting got done and this provides me with a post for the day haha

The pictures are bit dark, I took them with my phone before I left for work this morning. So a couple of years ago now I picked up a decent spray booth.. an Artograph 1520 Spray Booth (for a larger list of some of the stuffs I use and a bunch of links check out the Tools page) Which I actually just updated so it has the most recent things I could think of .. 
 I built the table and shelves around the Spray Booth adding a dryer vent and built a piece that would allow me to vent it outside. Glue really seems to affect me so I do my large builds on the booth as well and vent outside which usually stops me from getting sick. I built the cabinet to hold most of the items I'd need when painting plus some increased storage. The top picture you can see all the bits boxes and other things at the bottom. Most of my paints are on the top with my compressor and brushes. I made it wide and deep enough so I'd have a space to mix and clean as I go. But don't make it too deep or it will be hard to reach into the booth.The compressor is on my right (I'm right handed) and at my height so I can adjust the PSI when needed. Everything is always on and connected to a powerstrip, one click and I'm ready to go. My compressor has two holders and I have two of the Iwata cleaning stations which hold my brushes.. I use foam board to line the interior of the booth, If I ever get wild and paint the wall by mistake I can just quickly cut a new piece and replace.. also with them being white they reflect a good bit of the light around inside the box.
 I added a halogen work light facing down and I have two under cabinet lights mounted on each side point up. You need to reach in to paint but the light is awesome.. no shadows (mostly)..  I do want to pick up another table light I use to mount above to point in from my own perspective. It's not a must but sometimes I block my own light as I go haha.. I usually just grunt and move my offending hand and i'm good. I have a stool height chair I use for when I'm doing a lot or detail but honestly most of the time I stand up when working. I'm walking back and forth from my desk doing this and that ..
 To my right I built a smaller shelf that holds my (over flow ) models and other bits. I also have my ultrasonic cleaner and paint shaker up there. I re-purposed one of the Ott Lights here.. I still hate it. I think it really is a preference thing when it comes to light. I know a lot of people that are all about them but I truly detest them..
I keep my Vallejo Air paints with the rest of my other paints as I'll go back and forth with them. Sadly I'm running out of room in that room and I'm now trying to think of another better way to use just one station so I can open up a whole wall. When you throw in my display cabinet this whole side of the room is taken up and the other side is all computer stuff. I really just need a much much larger room and house.. haha.. but you know .. don't we all.

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