Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dead small hand..

 Last night I built the 4Ground building I had picked up. I'm going to start making up some buildings for Malifaux terrain and I wanted something to start judging scale..
 It comes with a ton of parts and I will say the detail is very nice. But with that detail comes the fact it took me about three hours to build. It's a lot of joining parts together and there is an interior and exterior wall. So, cool for detail but it will take sometime.
 The building comes out looking this .. it's very cool looking. I will stencil on some name or other to the front top. I left the doors off for line of sight and what not ..
 I pulled out some of the Malifaux minis to check the size. As I was building it I already had my concerns, I could tell by the steps and doors that they were going to be too small.
 With the walkways attached Sam would fit under the roof which sucks but at least a model will fit under the upstairs roof and inside the building.
 The floors and roof come off for easy access.

It's a nice building but it's not very good for Malifaux. In my opinion at least, it's too small. So in one way it works by letting me know what size I'm going to need in comparison. I'll be making them a little taller and wider, The steps will also need a larger gap and to be a bit wider to fit the bases. The Malifaux bases are a bit bigger then most I guess. Oh well..  I'm sure I can use it as something, LOS or just a stay outside building 8)

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