Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Underslung Magneto

If you didn't know there is a plastic base underneath it you'd think it was actually floating! 
I mentioned a few days ago that I was going to add the undeslung gun magneting process. Wow what a sentence ..  with made up words and everything 8) ..  Well here it is, nothing too hard .. it's a pretty simple process. I even played around with the process of adding the bottom/base magnet to make it a little better. 

What you'll need: 
The Falcon
Sheet metal (or you can use plasticard/cardstock)
Tools (mostly a drill and snips)

 You'll want to measure the area in from of the pilot's seat, this will be where you place the piece of sheet metal. You want to make sure the piece will not interfere with the assembly of the upper and lower half of the Falcon's body.

 Glue the piece of sheet metal over the gun mounting hole. If you don't use sheet metal and just want to use plastic card you can. You would then need to glue another magnet on top of the plastic card (the same side with the pilot). The magnets will still work there magic through the plastic card but you want a smooth even base.
 Next trim off the mount (looks like a plus symbol), this will make the gun mount smooth to mess up with the bottom of the Falcon.
 You will want to use a taller magnet that will be the same thickness as the plus you cut off the mount. This will reach the metal and also fit smoothly to the bottom. Allowing you to easy turn the gun or swap it
Here it is attached .. I haven't added the guns yet as I need to finish painting them. But that's basically it for the underslung gun .. not too tough.

The displayboard and cart worked great at Nova but the Serpents and Prism bounced around a bit. I switched over my tanks awhile back but since they were built I didn't have much access to the insides. But with the Falcon apart I figured I'd look for a better way instead of just adding the magnets to the bottom of the tank. Greg and I were talking about it and I think he mentioned mounting it inside. With this one open I figured I'd give it a try. So I glued a larger sheet metal to the floor of the hold after I had drilled the hole.
I used a Dremel to widen the hole so the magnet would fit but very snug. Then glued the piece of metal in.
Trim the small insert of the stem so you can mount the magnet.
Try to make sure the stem is perfectly straight. After it's initially glued add a few more applications of glue. Those magnets can pull it off easily.

Once it's all said and done, attach it all together .. and mount the base. With it being snug and in the body of the Falcon it moves around very little. So seems to be the way to go if you don't mind a bit more work. And it gives a better look when the magnets are flush and mostly hidden.

I hope that helps and I answered a few of the questions that have come in regarding it. If there are any more just let me know.

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