Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dead Zone

 I mentioned a week or so ago I wanted to get my Ghost army done and I've been playing around with the look of their head/shell/dome whatever you want to call it. I wanted to give it the same look as my Wraithknight,.. energy trapped inside a transparent/lucent shell of some sort. The Wraithknight's is using a blue blend so I figured I'd see what just a purple blend would look like. It would just blend into the head coloring so it might look cool.
 And this is what it came out looking like.. I sprayed it and thought it was just too muted and blended into the paint. So I free handed a pattern on the front to show there was something in there. I used Titanium White with some pearl added to give it an iridescent look.
 I like the pattern on the front but not sure I like the coloring..  it just blends in too much and I want that section to stand out a bit more. I don't think it looks too bad just not what I want it to look like.
 So I moved over to blue and right away I was liking it more.. it stands out and shows that something is happening. I tried it two ways .. on this guys I started with the white and then blended the blues into it. I also sprayed a few wisps on the sides which I think might be a little too big. So I'll probably need to bring them down some..
 But over all I think it looks good..
 On the other guy I went with the blues first then blended in a lighter blue then white and back with the light blue mix I had made. I might have to add some more purple to the top of his head but I think it's giving the look I was shooting for. I might try a freehand design with the blue coloring and see how that looks, the single wisp looks cool but a little design might also add a little something to it. I'll be giving that a shot too..
Once I get that figured out I'll be working on getting these guys done and then start on the 15 I have waiting to be put together and painted..  I keep meaning to finish up some Blood Angels but my Eldar still keep calling my name haha..

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