Friday, September 5, 2014

Crack a lackin..

 More Masking! Yah.. haha. Last night football started and my team was playing (go Hawks!) so I didn't paint all that much. I wanted to get the top shell mostly done at least, I decieded that I'll be moving the purple over to the Falcon so I went with the three panels on the main body and added the front tip panels as well. So that of course meant more masking! haha..
The colors I use are as follows in order...
Over Black
Base with Violet
Highlight with white
Cover with Violet Madder
Highlight with Violet Madder : White mix (probably about 50:50 making a pink)

Giving the look below..
 Sorry if the pics are little wonky.. I still have a gloss clear on them and the reflections can make the pictures looking weird. But don't worry, when I bring the sheen down it will look normal.
 I also added (no glue) the bottom shell to give the full look. I haven't updated that portion at all yet though. I also painted the black sections around the intakes and cleaned up some of the other areas. Next will be the white lines which will take some time ..
 And then the added turret..  That is how the old blue and black looked. I'll be going back and updating that as well to match. I was going to take the Scatter off and Mag it but I don't know if it's even worth it at the moment. I think I will just be painting this guy up to look cool.. I doubt he'll see any real table time haha

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