Monday, September 15, 2014

I have such sights to show you..

 Last weekend I was hoping to get in a game of Malifaux (sadly it didn't work out) and I wanted to get the Pandora Crew ready for it. I'm pretty happy with the time frame and where they sit .. this is about six to seven hours of work. They aren't done .. not close but for six or so hours I'm pretty happy. I was actually pretty impressed with myself haha..
 From unpacking and making up the bases ..  glued them together and even had to liquid GS Pandora and Candy's cloths.
 She's a very cool model and it was glad I stuck with the greens. It was more fun to paint something different ... I'll probably update my Dark Angel painting as well .. Though I'm thinking about selling them off (Dark Angels that is.. I don't need 4 Marine Armies). Though I might paint them up and sell them to see what they would bring in. Anyway ..
 This crew was a complete change from my other mini's. I usually don't paint up monsters.. the ghosts were cool but the giant Teddy was very fun. He still needs a good bit of details added to him but he looks pretty solid so far..
 I'll probably add a little more light blending to the ghosts but they are mostly done and were pretty easy..
The only two models I didn't do much to was Candy and Baby Kade .. they are pretty small .. and I mean crazy small, I was totally not expecting them to be that little. But the details are still awesome... I'll be adding some dead leaves to their bases and getting wrapped up soon so they can be table ready... I have a 50 SS Neverborn crew ready to hit the table ..

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