Monday, September 8, 2014

May the wings of freedom never lose a feather..

 I'll probably be back to all over the place painting wise over the next few months as I pretty much just paint whatever I like. I've been wanting to get some of my long overdue Blood Angels finished up so I grabbed the DC Rhino and started messing with the design I wanted to get on the top doors.
 I made a template to get the base image down then I usually go back in with free hand. I like this method the most as it speeds up the process and with the outline down you really only need to concentrate on making it look nice. Before I would mark the dimensions out but that was an enormous pain in the butt. Keeping the dimensions correct can be tough if you are just going in and painting it..
 It's cleaned up a bit here and I started to mask off the side doors and front panel. I went with a mix of tape and silly putty to mask due to the irregular shapes and tight spaces.

 It will look pretty ugly but believe me it does a nice job. I sadly didn't get any pictures of the end product last night but it's nothing too special. After I pulled off the mask I realized I should have did the highlight blend on the X's but no matter, not that will be by hand. I also wish I would have remembered that I primed with from the can .. some of the primer came off the FW doors.. blah.. I'll touch that up and then it will be moving on time.

 One thing about the silly putty.. be careful where you set it down. It's quite sticky..  so here we have the magic Rhino that can drive up walls and even go upside down. If it does stick to something and it's really got a hold of it if you can pick up whatever do that.. trying to remove the piece can deform the mask and then you'll be working on it again! So don't let it sit for long on a smooth surface. I was masking other stuff as well so I left it too long. No biggy though because I could just pick up the foam board which also can help if you don't want to touch your model as you paint it.

The top pic has the most detailed picture of the image on top. Right now I just have some blends on the bone and started to add in the feather/blood drop details. I'll be highlighting them next most likely..

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