Thursday, September 18, 2014

A little Candy?

 I worked on Candy a little bit last night, sadly I didn't have a ton of time so I didn't get to finish her but she is getting pretty close. You don't know how many times I painted her face .. and I'm still not that happy with it. She is SMALL and it was kicking my butt, I should have mixed up all the skin tones and worked on it steady but I was rushing a bit too much. I think she's cool looking so far but she will need the fine details added and a little clean up. I need to blend the black section of her dress more as it's only black and a dark grey at the moment, finish up her face and then just add more details through out.
To give the bases a little more muchness I added some dead leaves.. The glue is still drying in the pictures so  you might see a little of the white peeking out..  but I think they look cool ..  the bases are pretty basic but gives the lonely sad feeling I think these models should produce. Once all the details are wrapped up I'll give her a matte coat to bring down the sheen and then she should be done. My Pandora crew is moving right along 8)

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