Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Frustration and Goals..

I think this at least once a day to be sure.. but driving to training I've been thinking this probably once every minute .. sadly traffic was so terrible last night all I did when I got home was crash on the bed and watch some TV. Since I didn't get to do anything last night I figured I'd post up some of my painting formulas..

So .. hope these are useful to some..  Some of the colors have changed and I guess I'll have to look through it and update them.

Paint brands I use and the abbreviations I use for them:
Vallejo Game Color - VGC
Vallejo Model Color - VMC
Vallejo Air Color - VAC
Games Workshop - GW (I'm currently phasing them all out other then a few specially ones)
Dr PH Martin - DPM (Awesome for wet blending.. even with the airbrush)
Com-Art - CA (pre thinned and nice pigments)
Golden - GOL (amazing fine art paints)

Blood Angel Eyes (Green Lens)
Snot Green – GW ( now Warpstone Glow )
Livery Green – VGC
Moon Yellow – VGC ( or Yellow VAC ) I now use Yellow GOL
Black Wash and Ink – Any Works (shadows and outline )
White – Any Works ( reflections )

Blood Angel Armor (Red Blend)
Prime Black
Gory Red - VGC
Bloody Red - VGC
Badab Black - GW  but any black wash will do

Blood Angel Armor (Red Blend)
BA Advanced - Orange Edge Highlights

Edge blends: Yellow – GOL Blood Red – VGC (I plan to switch to Golden's red but haven't worked on it yet) Paint Mixture 2:1 (y:r) 3:1 (thin:paint) All colors

Red Airbrush Blend - for a more vibrant red
Prime Black
Indian Red - DPM
White - GOL
Crimson Lake - DPM
Scarlet Red - VAC / Or the CA Trans Red

Cloaks - Leather (Airbrush and Hand mix)

Prime Black
Cam Black Brown – VAC (Dark/Airbrush)
Sandy Brown – VAC (Mid/Airbrush)
Clear Coat (Airbrush)
Agrax Earthshade – GW Wash (Hand) Apply very heavy and let it sit
Clear Coat (Airbrush)
Wood – VAC (Hand Highlights)

Other Leather Red Hue
Leather Brown – VGC (Base)
Terracotta – VGC (thin wash, best to blend wet)
Clear Coat (Airbrush)
Agrax Earthshade – GW Wash (Hand) Apply very heavy and let it sit
The highlight here is more of what you want the worn leather to look like .. so go more red if you want it to have that feel. Or you can do white to make it look worn.

I'll add some more as I go.. I've been trying to write them down more other then just saying .. I'll remember it. Believe me if too much time goes by you don't .. well at least I don't haha 8) .. 

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