Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's a laser beam bozo..

 I'm in training for the first half of the week and the drive has been brutal, last night I didn't really have much energy to work on much so here is just some small updates. I was working on the turret of the Falcon and I'll have to do some some sections first (the parts that are done now) and some sections after they are done (the back section of the gun, the round thingy (no idea what it is haha .. tracker something'er other maybe but now that I'm looking at it I think that is going to be bone along with the vanes) and the large section on the front right.
The gun barrels are done for the most part (color blue anyway). After I get the blue done I'll go back with the grey and hit up the main sections.I want to add in some energy vents on the bottom back (of the main body) and there are a few bits I always want to work on the bottom. I know it's the bottom and people won't see it but I wanted to add something. Not sure what I will add now but I'll add a little more detail to the thrusters.
 I added some pictures of the rhino but like I said it's nothing amazing to look at. I should have gone back in with some yellow for the highlights but forgot. Now it will be by had because I'm not masking them up again haha.. well I will be a little for some other bits but not for the X's.
I'm going to try to finish up the blue blends on the serpent tonight but that depends on when I get home and what's going on.

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